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Anastasia Casey, Photographer

Professional Portrait and Fashion Photographer.

Accredited by The International Portrait Masters (USA)

I'm Professional Photographer specializing in 
photographing people since 2012. My favorite genre is Contemporary Glamour Photography, and I am really good at it. Accredited by the International Portrait Masters (USA), I work at high international standards.

Originally from Russia I've been residing in Jordan for 14 years with my family. I run my private VIP studio in Amman for Personal Photography, work with some magazines in Jordan and abroad, cooperate with fashion designers and businesses.

My job is to make EVERY person look great in the photos, regardless age, weight and 'being photogenic', and I am trained to do that using the light, angles and emotions. Your photoshoot will be an enjoyable process, when you will fall in love with yourself and your photographs.

Mostly working with women I found that my photography can be transformational and empowering. I enjoy the process and love the results - both photographical and psychological.

tel.: +962 79 0617982





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