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VB as a business incubator and accelerator

I'm Anastasia Casey, founder, mentor and coordinator of Virtual Bazaar and VB Network. I started this project in 2017 as an online store for women working from homes (called WOW shop) and developed it into an online platform for small businesses' support in 2020, during pandemic. Those days WOW shop was replaced by Virtual Bazaar that helped many small local businesses to survive.

Since then the platform was developing and growing with new tools, features and functionality. Now it's a Jordanian Vendors' Directory, Online Marketplace and a Network with about 100 members (businesses, partners and experts).

Whether you are a start-up or a developing business you will always find something for your business in VBN.

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What is VBN?

  • VBN is a space for businesses, buyers and experts to connect and interact.

  • VBN provides: business tools, networking, mentoring for businesses; local shopping events, social movement 'Yalla Shop Local', local brands’ Directory for buyers.

  • VBN connects businesses with suppliers and service providers.

  • VBN creates opportunities to learn, practice and get support from business experts.

Groups and Levels

All small businesses in VBN are divided in 4 groups depending on their stage. Until you identify your business project at a certain level your business life is challenging, as it’s more intuitive and spontaneous. Identification helps to systemize your workflow and develop your business strategy.


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Want to become our partner? Or have questions? Email or WhatsApp us!


WhatsApp: +962790617982

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